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5 Best Views of the Valley's Rolling Green Hills

April 16, 2018

Spring is one of the most vibrant times of year to visit Walla Walla. With the winter wheat blanketing the Valley in lush green, it’s time to take a drive out of town to view our famed rolling hills. Here’s some viewpoints that show it off best:

Scenic Loop Road – About 20 minutes east of town, this loop is true to its name. Climb to the heights of the Valley’s foothills for stunning views of surrounding farmlands. You’ll want to stop frequently on this little traveled but well-maintained gravel road for photo ops.

Pikes Peak Road – Heading in the same direction, a little farther from town, another stunning climb out of the Valley. Take the road to the top and stop for a picnic, gazing out over emerald fields where the wildflowers are just starting to bloom.

Skyrocket Hills – For a roller coaster ride through the highlands, take the Lower Waitsburg Road out of town to Prescott for soaring views of the Touchet Valley. Access the hills via Donnelly Road, with many impromptu picnic spots about a mile up the well-maintained gravel road. You’ll be in the heart of wheat country, so watch for farm equipment on the road this time of year.

Northstar Winery’s patio – If heights aren’t your thing, enjoy views of green hills, budding vineyards and the Blue Mountains backdrop while sipping a glass of this Southside winery’s crisp Semillon. There’s nothing more relaxing on a sunny day.

Burwood Brewing Company’s lawn – Another great view from the Valley’s floor can be found sitting at a picnic table on Burwood’s lawn. Sample the Grapefruit IPA, the winning brew from their Battle of the Brews, or their classic pilsner while gazing out across the freshly sprouted fields.