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August Brings Hop Sing and “9 to 5”

August 06, 2018

This month, Walla Walla is offering two wonderful and very different live performances. First, don’t miss the powerful “Living History Performance: Hop Sing from the Pendleton Underground Tour” on August 11 at Fort Walla Walla Museum. Set during the final days of work on the transcontinental railroad, thousands of Chinese workers find they are no longer needed. The result was increased hostility and persecution of the Chinese workers, who were desperate for work. Many of them came to Pendleton for manual labor, including Hop Sing, who opened his soon-to-be-famous and very successful Hop Sing Laundry.

This performance is a part of the Pendleton Underground Comes Alive Tour and for the last 13 years, Hop Sing has been portrayed by City Council member Myron Huie. Next, be sure to catch “9 to 5: The Musical” playing at the Gesa August 17-19. Directed by Walla Walla native and former NYC director Tyson Kaup, the show is based on the 1980 hit film and features music and lyrics by Dolly Parton. A hilarious tale of ambition, betrayal, sexism, and revenge, this is one you won’t want to miss. For details, call (509) 876-1662.