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Walla Walla's Iconic Premier Hotel

Welcome to the Grand Dame of the Palouse. Located in beautiful Walla Walla, The Marcus Whitman is Eastern Washington’s premier luxury hotel, blending rich history, exemplary service, and contemporary comfort.

Relax in one of our well-appointed guestrooms or savor distinctive Northwest cuisine at The Marc Restaurant, The Marc Bar, and The Marc Café. Or, for those looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Washington’s heartland, we are a stone’s throw from the adventure of the Columbia River Valley and the vitalizing experience of Washington Wine Country.

Modern Comfort Beautifully Adorned with Historic Charm

Explore The Marcus Whitman’s unique history with original facets of the hotel interior still on display, including the original clock, phone booths, and key cubbies behind the front desk. Enjoy a unique vintage atmosphere in every corner of the building, from the furnishings of The Marc Restaurant to the halls of our Historic Tower.

And once you’ve taken in the decorative charm of the 1920s, return to the restorative comfort of the 2020s, and step into guestrooms complete with plush mattresses, luxury linens, pour-over coffee makers, and more.


The Marc Restaurant

The Marc Restaurant is a dining experience for those seeking culinary excellence in unexpected places. It is a place where passionate chefs showcase the bounty of the richest farmlands and the greatest wheat-producing region in the country.

Cocktails at The Marc Bar

The Marc Bar

Savor elevated beverages in a space with all the elegant air and mise-en-scène of a Golden Age Hollywood film. Gather together, forge new friendships, and experience craft cocktails and wine flights prepared with distiller’s expertise and vintner’s insight.


The Marc Café

For guests in search of a casual bite or settling in for a round of drinks, The Marc Café is here to provide. Enjoy a delightful array of elevated appetizers, bright cocktails, and shareable fare while lounging in the comfort of our well-adorned lobby.

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Local Area

An Endless Array of Adventures

Being a wine lover’s paradise is Walla Walla’s calling card. But there is so much more to the endless adventures you could have in this incredible region.

From exceptional restaurants, theaters, museums, and bookstores, a memorable experience awaits in Walla Walla. And that does not even cover the bevy of activities that call to the outdoor enthusiast, from hiking, biking, golf, and more. So whether you’re riding a bicycle down Main Street or driving a shot down the fairway, immerse yourself in the rich array of activities that Walla Walla has to offer.

And of course, don’t forget the wine tasting either.

A History of Excellence

History 1

For nearly a century, The Marcus Whitman has stood as a timeless testament to elegance and hospitality, its spire reaching towards the heavens, beckoning travelers from far and wide. Since its inception in 1928, its halls have echoed with laughter, conversation, and the footsteps of countless guests who have sought refuge within its walls. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood icons to the corridors of power walked by esteemed presidents, each visitor has contributed to the rich tapestry of stories woven into the fabric of this historic establishment. As the years have passed, The Marcus Whitman has remained a beloved fixture of Walla Walla, preserving its legacy as a sanctuary for travelers and a cornerstone of the community’s identity.

When The Marcus Whitman was built, the city of Walla Walla passed an ordinance that no other structure could be built taller than this very building. That city ordinance is still in place today. For the better part of the last 100 years, we have been the most visible beacon of hospitality in the Walla Walla Valley AVA. Our storied history imparts a heritage of excellence upon each one of our team members, and each of us seeks to uphold the same standard that has made The Marcus Whitman a beloved regional icon.

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Specials Offers

Customize Your Walla Walla Getaway

Joining us for a special occasion? Looking to add an extra personal touch to your Walla Walla getaway?

Select from a gallery of carefully curated special offers and packages to enhance your stay, and craft a customized itinerary unique to your wine country adventure.